Ladislav Žák

"Ad omnia paratus, ad optima intentus ..."

Ladislav Žák Born 12 February 1958 in Jablonec nad Nisou. Native of Desné v Jizerských horách link, now lives in Prague.

Married, daughter Hana (1981) and son Ladislav (1997), wife Iva (1958) is a physician.

Graduate: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and Faculty of Law of Privatization and Business Academy (PBA) in Moscow. Other studies: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague , Technical University Liberec, PhD study at CTU Prague and PBA Moscow www.vshpp.ru. Dissertation project "Corporate Safety Mechanism" (2006) and Dissertation work "The formation of organisation security systems in the market economy" (2012). The dissertation autoreferat here.

Former crisis manager and insolvency practicioner. Co-owner consulting company D-TAX, Ltd. together with Ing. Jana Dámová and since 2016 with Jan Dám. Director of Karlovy Vary Development Institute, o.p.s.(since 2012 until 2018) www.kri-ops.cz. Actually project manager in DREYER investment group. www.dreyer.cz

Member of INSOL Europe, CCIP in Czech republic (till 2007), IIA a CIIA (till 2007), member of editorial board of newspaper Konkursní noviny (til 2007). Member of journal „Liberal Arts in Russia“ redaction collegium here.and journal The theoretical economy (www.theoreticaleconomy.ru)

By the year 1989 pupil, student, worker and chief of department of Central Committee of Socialist Union of Youth. Since 1989 to 1991 chief of department of Central Committee of Czechoslovak Communist Party and than secretary of Federal Council of Communist Party.

Military service: Air Force.1986-1987

Co-founder of Democratic Labour Party. Non-party: till 1988 and than again since 1991.

Associate of International Centre for Just Politics in Moscow, consultant of International Educational Consortium, co-founder of A.S. Pushkin Foundation Fund and of association TOP comm, member of Czechoslovak Foreign Institute www.csuz.cz., amabassador of tne Institute Scientific Informations (www.archilab.online) and fellow of FN-nano,ltd. (www.fn-nano.com

Interests: education, travel, recognition, sports, member of LK CERE, I. ČLTK Praha, Tennis club Tanvald and Golf Club Austerlitz. Former "Protector" of EASTGREENS 2004 Conference and the golf activity EastGreens member. Actually, chairman of the legislative comission of the Czech Archery Association (www.czecharchery.cz) , member of the SSPE(www.sspe.cz) and redactor of Almanac of the Exlibris and Small Graphic

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